The extensive amenities program at Bellwoods House is designed around the human experience, creating settings that support today’s modern lifestyle.

The ground floor layout promotes a sense of community and encourages interaction with distinct spaces that are connected visually, physically, and even olfactorily thanks to an innovative system that will imbue the lobby, lounge, and elevator corridor with a subtle scenting system.

From a dog spa, car share, and bike repair station to smart parcel rooms and high-speed Bell Fibe wifi, the amenities cater to every need and desire.

The ground floor library lounge and coworking area is thoughtfully divided, featuring communal bars, worktops, a business center, and a podcast studio with cutting-edge recording capabilities. Arched windows offer natural light and courtyard views, enhancing creativity and reducing stress. 

Coworking Space

Ground Floor


  • 1. Dry Sauna
  • 2. Nordic Showers
  • 3. Change Room/Lockers
  • 4. Pet Spa
  • 5. Property Management Office
  • 6. Washrooms
  • 7. Yoga Studio
  • 8. Free Weights
  • 9. Circuit Machines
  • 10. Cardio
  • 11. Elevator Lobby
  • 12. Smart Parcel Room
  • 13. Mailroom
  • 14. Alfred Lockers
  • 15. Concierge
  • 16. Lobby
  • 17. Podcast Studio
  • 18. Private Offices
  • 19. Banquettes
  • 20. Business Center
  • 21. Reading Lounge
  • 22. Self-Service Bar
  • 23. Lobby Lounge
  • 24. Outdoor Dining
  • 25. Outdoor Work Space
  • 26. Fireside Lounge
Ground Floor


  • 1. Lounge
  • 2. Bar/Dining


  • 3. Private Cabanas
  • 4. BBQs/Outdoor Dining
  • 5. Fireside Lounge
  • 6. Servery
  • 7. Washroom
  • 8. Coat Closets

Ground Floor

The beautifully landscaped ground floor courtyard invites private niches for relaxing, working and play. Defined by wood arbours, modern decorative pavers, ambient lighting, contemporary furnishings, and lush planters, providing privacy from the street. 

Social Club

The 3rd floor Social Club is the perfect place to entertain. The intimate space is connected to an outdoor terrace, while inside relax by the fire, gather friends in a setting that feels like a private living and dining room, and host a dinner party. 

Outdoor Terrace

The 3rd floor Outdoor Terrace is an oasis of peace, serenity, and connection with nature. Relax in private cabanas, gather with friends in a fireside lounge, host a barbeque and enjoy an al fresco dinner under the stars. 

Health &
Wellness Space

Embark on a journey to longevity and wellbeing at Borealis, Republic's exclusive health and wellness facility. Experience a 4,000-square-foot space featuring an airy yoga studio, cutting-edge fitness stations, and Technogym's latest smart cardio equipment.

Treadmills and stationary bikes level up with TechnoGym Live, a digital user interface that puts a personal trainer at your fingertips. Enjoy live and on-demand virtual fitness classes, browse the internet, stream content, connect to your favourite show or take a virtual tour around the world with breathtaking locations that will inspire you to go the extra mile.